Emergency 13 October 2012, Manchester - Special Call: BLANKSPACE Main Exhibition Space

In addition to the main call for proposals above, we are looking for one durational piece, working within specific criteria, to occupy the Main Exhibition Space, upstairs at BLANKSPACE. We realise that the criteria are a big challenge and there is therefore a budget of £250 available for this work.

This is a challenging space – as it is surrounded by alcoves, in which there will be small performances and interactions taking place, with no sound baffling.  

Sound sensitivity is therefore crucial.

The piece we are looking for must be:

  • Durational
  • For a group audience that can come and go 
  • Able to co-exist with other pieces – so neither loud, nor overly sensitive to external noise spill.

To apply:

  • Download the information below.
  • Complete the application form at http://lanb.it/5xVE
  • Complete the monitoring form (please it helps us with reporting!) at http://lanb.it/Dg3n
  • IMPORTANT WHEN SUBMITTING FORMS PLEASE 'SHARE LOCATION' - there's a chance it will fail if you don't (especially in FireFox)
  • Additional inclusion of a video submission is strongly encouraged – please include a YouTube or Vimeo or similar link on your form.

Closing Deadline 28 August 2012, 5pm.

For the main call for proposals click here