emergency accommodation from BLANK to Burgess and back again… http://bit.ly/ocNMg3

From midday till 6.30 experience a series of installations, interventions and interactive encounters punctuation the day at BLANKSPACE, IABF and on Hulme Street.

Dani Abulhawa - No Place Like Home
An audio-tale of the suburban extra-ordinary, re-imagining Hulme Street, a place at the edges of the city and suburbs.
Pre-loaded MP3 players and further instructions will be available at BLANKSPACE (deposit required, bring your own headphones).  Alternatively, files can be accessed at: http://soundcloud.com/daniabulhawa for playback on your own device. 

Lowri Evans - Hold My Hand
Where are we going and how do we know if we get there? An unforgettable hand held journey for two, about travelling, trust and truth.
Join Lowri as she shuttles you between venues. £1 deposit required, refunded on the safe return of the artist.

Wayne Steven Jackson - Est. 1983
Empty boxes and questions asked of your former self…
A stop gap, a preparation for the future with the memories of the past. It's about moving on. It's about growing up. It's about making the best of a bad situation.

Angel Club (north) - minute

we don't have much time… just one minute … so much we want to do….we will have to be quick…..there is something I need to ask you……is there something you need to say ?……quickly………you don't have much time.

Stella Dimitrakopoulou - Frauen Danst Frauen
An ongoing video allegory of industrial process and the social roles imposed on women. Inspired by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Rosas Danst Rosas (1983), Mother and daughter, sit side by side copying a worker-bee routine. Hair swinging, they grasp their breasts, their arms reach out and retract like pistons in a copy press.

Minute - a minute but universal  pubic engagement from Angel Club (north)

Laura Bradshaw - An Invitation to the Dance
A celebration of our fleeting moments of connection… Together we will make the dance, shaping a ritual which remembers those we know, those we have lost and the places we have been.

Images:  Dani Abulhawa, Lowri Evans, Wayne Steven Jackson, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Laura Bradshaw