emergency accommodation from midday to mid-afternoon....

From midday till 3pm every space in BLANKSPACE from alcove to shower, gallery to toilet resonates with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown peformances at IABF.

Become an artist's model, have tea with an Inuit, learn to weave, share your scars… and prepare to be serviced by our toilet attendant!

{digame} - The Eye of the Beholder 

 An invitation to the watcher to become the watched, for the audience to become life models in a sculptural one-to-one exchange of gaze.

To participate contact emergency@habarts.org

Julieann O'Malley - Pouring my Heart out

A stunningly poetic metaphoric and literal outpouring of thought and emotion.

Rebekka Platt - Tsee with Migishoo

Share a cup of tea in an imagined Inuit dwelling...

Angst Performance - Healing

Inviting you to share your battlescars and war stories imprinted on one human canvas

Chris Fitzsimmons - At your convenience

Regardless of taste, decency and decorum, Chris Fitzsimmons is a small, hastily put together bell boy -  ready to give you all a good old talking to…

Lucy Hutson - Make do and mend myself

With the WI at her back and armed with a weaving loom, Lucy Hutson has some wool with your name on it…

Sturgeon's Law - Explorers

A tabletop telling of an incandescent sci-fi tale...

Zoë Washington - Margaret And Me

Soft-focussed memories of jam tarts, typewriters and a grandmother's wisdom...

FallenWall Arts - Kill me beautiful

A cinematic love-hate tale of doomed romance.

Anaïs Lalange - g=9.81m/s 

Planetary attraction and magnetic impulse making you fall over and over again...

Façade Theatre - Celladour,

A meditative encounter, blurring the boundaries between waking and dreaming...

Pictures: {digame}, Rebekka Platt, Angst Performance, Chris Fitzsimmons, Lucy Hutson, Zoe Washington, FallenWall Arts, Anaïs Lalange, Façade Theatre