emergency accommodation - huge thanks to all: artists, staff + audience... first pics from day, here!

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who came along to support emergency accommodation on Saturday, on what must have been the hottest day of the year!  

And of course thanks and congratulations to all the artists without whom it would, literally, have been nothing... and all the staff who worked so hard to pull it off!

Huge mentions to: Blank Media Collective - Mark Devereux, John Leyland, Michael Thorpe, Simon Meredith, Gen.

Michael Anthony Barnes Wynters and Doodlebug (for the final)

and (deep breath)... John Franklin, Steve Curtis, Kamini Patel, Crofty, Kat Whitehurst, Clare Blabey, Helen Checkley, Niall Mills, Guy Hilton, Sam Punt, Conor Aylward, Hannah Woods, Jonjo Nally, Gill Knox, Lisa Williamson, Jane Bellamy, Claire, Rebecca Crompton...and big apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten...!!!

Following are the first wave of pictures from the day... we'll add some more and some video as time permits!

Please leave any feedback on the event or individual pieces as comments below or email them to emergency@habarts.org and I'll make sure they get to the appropriate people!

And a cheeky, heads-up... don't forget Zion 100's Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society this coming Sunday, and Up the Wall in Chester on 21+22 October (not that I'm biased about that one at all!)