Emergency StopGap - call for proposals

New for 2020, Emergency StopGap is a small informal platform for live art: to bridge the gap between gallery and theatre, and to fill the empty months of winter.

Taking place on Thursday 27 February 2020, 6-10pm at Manchester's NIAMOS, we see it as an informal evening of durational, small capacity and intervention based work.  

The callout for proposals is open until Friday 17 January 2020, 5pm.

Artists working in live art, contemporary performance, time-based media, and interdisciplinary arts are invited to submit proposals for:

 • durational, one to one, and limited capacity work;
 • performance installation and intervention-based works in + around the spaces.
NB: Emergency StopGap is not looking for “black-box” show-type work.
To get a feel for it, have a look at Emergency 2019’s daytime programme at NIAMOS.

Opened in 1902 and formerly a theatre, cinema, BBC recording studio and church, NIAMOS is now being run by a co-operative as a holistic well-being and radical arts space. (More background and images here). 

Please note, whilst very atmospheric, it is in significant state of disrepair, and a site-specific approach might be best taken when thinking about work for it.

Emergency StopGap is: 
• an informal Pay What You Decide public open submission platform;
• an opportunity for artists to meet, show and peer review work.

Please note:

 • Emergency StopGap will feature around 10 pieces of work throughout the evening;
 • work can be in any relevant artform/medium, though some live presence is desirable and we are not looking for black-box show-type work;
 • access to power + technology is limited in this site — work that can use domestic or battery powered technology is strongly encouraged;
 • our technology resources are limited, please bear this in mind when making a proposal; 
 • we apologise but physical access to the building is challenging — please ask for specifics if you have physical access needs and are considering making a proposal;
 • whilst we don’t encourage it, you are permitted to submit more than one proposal but it is unlikely that more than one would be successful from a single artist/group;
 • Emergency StopGap will offer an honorarium of up to £100 per piece selected, to cover fees/expenses.

To apply: 
• download the Emergency StopGap Open Call Guidance Notes (see attachment below); 
• complete the Online Proposal form
• complete the Online Monitoring form (please do, it really helps us!). 

Actual links for both forms, to cut + paste into a web browser:

Enquiries: emergency@habmcr.org  | 0161 232 6086 | emergencymcr.org | #EmergencyMcr

DEADLINE: Friday 17 January 2020, 5pm

Emergency StopGap is presented by Word of Warning; produced by hÅb; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + by NIAMOS.