emergency2010 coming soon... 1+2 October 2010

A greenroom / hÅb co-production

Friday 1 October 5pm-12midnight
Saturday 2 October noon – 12midnight


greenroom, 54-56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WW

A paper dress, lovingly hand-typed and stitched; a giant circular skirt leaving filligree traces of sugar through its lacy trim; racous rememberings of a decade of madness and one woman's musings on her identity as a horse...

Launching greenroom's Autumn season is our annual and extraordinary free marathon of the bizarre and the beautiful; the glamorous and the thought-provoking. Now entering its second decade, last year’s tenth epic saw a mermaid and a giant post-box, paddling pool performance and tea parties, romance and heartbreak in a tent and a mass celebratory conga. 40+ performances filling every nook and cranny to bursting and spilling out onto the street.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS NOW OPEN - go to www.greenroomarts.org/emergency

For general enquiries email emergency@greenroomarts.org