Sneak preview of who's on when at emergency accommodation #emergency mcr

We're all gearing up for a long day of technical meetings tomorrow - lots of talking, lots of trying to figure out how to make it all work together, all in the safe hands of our lovely ex-greenroom tech team!

Meanwhile, we thought we'd let you in on an outline schedule of how we think things will work - all, obviously still subject to change!

There is work that punctuates the whole day, then work that fits into three sessions.  

From 12-6.30 BLANKSPACE will be running much like a gallery - with live installations, durationals and one-to-ones punctuated by timed interventions both there and performances at IABF.

For a map of the venues go to: EmergencyMap

From 7pm we turn over to 'show mode', with four brief, witty pieces all in IABF.

Daytime: 12-6.30

Wayne Steven Jackson - Est. 1983, Dani Abulhawa - No Place Like Home, Stella Dimitrakopoulou - Frauen Danst Frauen, angel club (north) - minute, Lowri Evans - Hold My Hand, Laura Bradshaw - An Invitation to the Dance

Session 1:  12-3

{digame} - The Eye of the Beholder, Julieann O'Malley - Pouring my Heart out, Rebekka Platt - Tsee with Migishoo, Angst Performance - Healing, Chris Fitzsimmons - Moves, Lucy Hutson - Make do and mend myself Sturgeon's Law - Explorers, Zoë Washington - Margaret And Me, FallenWall Arts - Kill me beautiful, Anaïs Lalange - g=9.81m/s , Façade Theatre - Celladour, 

Session 2: 3.30-6.30

Jessica Lee - Stalking My Neighbour, Andy Nizinskyj - One Suave Fuckker (after David Lynch), GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN - Oral, Small Acts - Shower Scenes, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis - Against the Grain, Krissi Musiol - Blue, Katherina Radeva - Near Gone, Pinkorange Project - Homeless in Prescott, Arizona, Laura Bradshaw  - An Invitation to the Dance - sharing, Nicola Canavan - Red Stitches on a White Crow  

Evening session - 7-9

 Four Cats Theatre - Mappa Mundi, Cutteruption - Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto, Robin Sidwell - Harold Camping Presents, Matt & Nath - Rum, Sodomy, and the lash.


Images: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Anaïs Lalange, Nicola Canavan, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis