emergency accommodation - the evening sessions...

At 7pm we change into 'show-mode' with two short double-bills in the sit-down surroundings of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, topped off (weather-dependent) by a brief final spree of outdoor lunacy. 

Four Cats Theatre - Mappa Mundi

Reinventing the Fool for the 21st Century with a look at history's most brutal and enduring conflict, the Crusades.


Cutteruption - Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto

The Lone Ranger starts to lament the loneliness of his quest to become a successful solo performance artist, using genuine voicemails, original songs, online profiles and old letters, highlighting the absurdity of the way we interact today.


INTERVAL (the IABF cafe will be open)


Robin Sidwell - Harold Camping Presents

Who is Harold Camping and how did he convince the word that it would end on May 21st 2011 - a tale of monumental miscalculation.


Matt & Nath - Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash.

Matt & Nath must take to the seas, have a drink, sing a song, and pretend to be pirates and save the something-or-other. Through song, dance, and their love/hate relationship, they set out to scour the seven seas in cardboard pirate ship and a barrel of rum.      

Images: Four Cats Theatre, Gareth Cutter x 2, Robin Sidwell, Matt& Nath

emergency accommodation - mid to late afternoon...

Following some quick turnarounds, BLANKSPACE will open a new series of installations and interactions, and IABF will see two more performances between 3.30 and 6.30 pm:


Jessica Lee - Stalking My Neighbour

An 'on the edge' musing on stalking your neighbour - winner of greenroom's 2011 Instant Win.


A 'nauseous' glimpse into the conflicts between culture and decadence, inspired by David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. 


2 girls play a 3-hour game of double-talk on the very edge of a kiss. But there must be no contact. Come again?

Small Acts - Shower Scenes

A private, shower experience and a glimpse into being the the viewed rather than the voyeur.   

Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis - Against the Grain

Embedded into the building, exposing an obscure ritualistic sense of what lies beneath

Krissi Musiol - Blue

Shedding the trappings of her past works, Krissi creates a survival strategy for turning 30…

Laura Bradshaw  - An Invitation to the Dance 

A coming-together of all the fleeting, danced connections collected through the day...

Nicola Canavan - Red Stitches on a White Crow  

An exploration of feminine constraint and a slowly unfolding image haunted by failure, hurt and restriction.



Katherina Radeva - Near Gone

A dark exploration of the people, places, times and things we have nearly lost - forever!

Pinkorange Project - Homeless in Prescott, Arizona

An intimate sharing, that explores the story of a woman who chose to live on the streets of Arizona.


Images: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis, Small Acts, Krissi Musiol, Laura Bradshaw, Nicola Canavan, Katherina Radeva, Pinkorange Project

emergency accommodation draft schedule now online

Tentatively, here is the draft schedule for next week's emergency accommodation...

Can we stress draft please?! With 30 pieces of work and two buildings, the odds are it will be organised chaos and things may well change still, so please come for a section of the day rather than an individual event!

Many pieces have limited capacity, first come first served.

For a map of the venues go to: EmergencyMap

emergency accommodation from midday to mid-afternoon....

From midday till 3pm every space in BLANKSPACE from alcove to shower, gallery to toilet resonates with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown peformances at IABF.

Become an artist's model, have tea with an Inuit, learn to weave, share your scars… and prepare to be serviced by our toilet attendant!

{digame} - The Eye of the Beholder 

 An invitation to the watcher to become the watched, for the audience to become life models in a sculptural one-to-one exchange of gaze.

To participate contact emergency@habarts.org

Julieann O'Malley - Pouring my Heart out

A stunningly poetic metaphoric and literal outpouring of thought and emotion.

Rebekka Platt - Tsee with Migishoo

Share a cup of tea in an imagined Inuit dwelling...

Angst Performance - Healing

Inviting you to share your battlescars and war stories imprinted on one human canvas

Chris Fitzsimmons - At your convenience

Regardless of taste, decency and decorum, Chris Fitzsimmons is a small, hastily put together bell boy -  ready to give you all a good old talking to…

Lucy Hutson - Make do and mend myself

With the WI at her back and armed with a weaving loom, Lucy Hutson has some wool with your name on it…

Sturgeon's Law - Explorers

A tabletop telling of an incandescent sci-fi tale...

Zoë Washington - Margaret And Me

Soft-focussed memories of jam tarts, typewriters and a grandmother's wisdom...

FallenWall Arts - Kill me beautiful

A cinematic love-hate tale of doomed romance.

Anaïs Lalange - g=9.81m/s 

Planetary attraction and magnetic impulse making you fall over and over again...

Façade Theatre - Celladour,

A meditative encounter, blurring the boundaries between waking and dreaming...

Pictures: {digame}, Rebekka Platt, Angst Performance, Chris Fitzsimmons, Lucy Hutson, Zoe Washington, FallenWall Arts, Anaïs Lalange, Façade Theatre


emergency accommodation from BLANK to Burgess and back again… http://bit.ly/ocNMg3

From midday till 6.30 experience a series of installations, interventions and interactive encounters punctuation the day at BLANKSPACE, IABF and on Hulme Street.

Dani Abulhawa - No Place Like Home
An audio-tale of the suburban extra-ordinary, re-imagining Hulme Street, a place at the edges of the city and suburbs.
Pre-loaded MP3 players and further instructions will be available at BLANKSPACE (deposit required, bring your own headphones).  Alternatively, files can be accessed at: http://soundcloud.com/daniabulhawa for playback on your own device. 

Lowri Evans - Hold My Hand
Where are we going and how do we know if we get there? An unforgettable hand held journey for two, about travelling, trust and truth.
Join Lowri as she shuttles you between venues. £1 deposit required, refunded on the safe return of the artist.

Wayne Steven Jackson - Est. 1983
Empty boxes and questions asked of your former self…
A stop gap, a preparation for the future with the memories of the past. It's about moving on. It's about growing up. It's about making the best of a bad situation.

Angel Club (north) - minute

we don't have much time… just one minute … so much we want to do….we will have to be quick…..there is something I need to ask you……is there something you need to say ?……quickly………you don't have much time.

Stella Dimitrakopoulou - Frauen Danst Frauen
An ongoing video allegory of industrial process and the social roles imposed on women. Inspired by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Rosas Danst Rosas (1983), Mother and daughter, sit side by side copying a worker-bee routine. Hair swinging, they grasp their breasts, their arms reach out and retract like pistons in a copy press.

Minute - a minute but universal  pubic engagement from Angel Club (north)

Laura Bradshaw - An Invitation to the Dance
A celebration of our fleeting moments of connection… Together we will make the dance, shaping a ritual which remembers those we know, those we have lost and the places we have been.

Images:  Dani Abulhawa, Lowri Evans, Wayne Steven Jackson, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Laura Bradshaw

Sneak preview of who's on when at emergency accommodation #emergency mcr

We're all gearing up for a long day of technical meetings tomorrow - lots of talking, lots of trying to figure out how to make it all work together, all in the safe hands of our lovely ex-greenroom tech team!

Meanwhile, we thought we'd let you in on an outline schedule of how we think things will work - all, obviously still subject to change!

There is work that punctuates the whole day, then work that fits into three sessions.  

From 12-6.30 BLANKSPACE will be running much like a gallery - with live installations, durationals and one-to-ones punctuated by timed interventions both there and performances at IABF.

For a map of the venues go to: EmergencyMap

From 7pm we turn over to 'show mode', with four brief, witty pieces all in IABF.

Daytime: 12-6.30

Wayne Steven Jackson - Est. 1983, Dani Abulhawa - No Place Like Home, Stella Dimitrakopoulou - Frauen Danst Frauen, angel club (north) - minute, Lowri Evans - Hold My Hand, Laura Bradshaw - An Invitation to the Dance

Session 1:  12-3

{digame} - The Eye of the Beholder, Julieann O'Malley - Pouring my Heart out, Rebekka Platt - Tsee with Migishoo, Angst Performance - Healing, Chris Fitzsimmons - Moves, Lucy Hutson - Make do and mend myself Sturgeon's Law - Explorers, Zoë Washington - Margaret And Me, FallenWall Arts - Kill me beautiful, Anaïs Lalange - g=9.81m/s , Façade Theatre - Celladour, 

Session 2: 3.30-6.30

Jessica Lee - Stalking My Neighbour, Andy Nizinskyj - One Suave Fuckker (after David Lynch), GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN - Oral, Small Acts - Shower Scenes, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis - Against the Grain, Krissi Musiol - Blue, Katherina Radeva - Near Gone, Pinkorange Project - Homeless in Prescott, Arizona, Laura Bradshaw  - An Invitation to the Dance - sharing, Nicola Canavan - Red Stitches on a White Crow  

Evening session - 7-9

 Four Cats Theatre - Mappa Mundi, Cutteruption - Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto, Robin Sidwell - Harold Camping Presents, Matt & Nath - Rum, Sodomy, and the lash.


Images: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Anaïs Lalange, Nicola Canavan, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis

emergency accommodation selection complete...

After 9 hours of musing and countless days of schedule crunching, the selection is now complete.

Though still subject to change, the current list of participating artists is: 

Anaïs Lalange, Andy Nizinskyj, angel club (north), Angst Performance, Chris Fitzsimmons, Cutteruption, Dani Abulhawa, {digame}, Façade Theatre, FallenWall Arts, Four Cats Theatre , GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Jessica Lee, Julieann O'Malley, Katherina Radeva, Krissi Musiol, Laura Bradshaw, Lowri Evans, Lucy Hutson, Matt & Nath, Nicola Canavan, Pinkorange Project, Rebekka Platt, Robin Sidwell, Shona Harrison/Nicola Ellis, Small Acts, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Sturgeon's Law, Wayne Steven Jackson, Zoë Washington

The full schedule will be published here from Monday 26 September, but look out for teasers before that!

Due to the nature of the buildings, many of the pieces will be very limited capacity, first come first served and the programme will fall into 3 sessions

Session 1 - 12-3 pm - durationals, one-on-ones, limited capacity and some larger capacity sit-down performances

Session 2 - 3.30-6.30pm - durationals, one-on-ones, durationals, one-on-ones, limited capacity and some larger capacity sit-down performances

Session 3 - 7-9pm - sit-down performances and a possilbe (weather dependent) finale!

For a map of the venues go to: EmergencyMap

emergency accommodation reading and selection now underway...

After a brief, Edinburgh-centric hiatus, the reading and selection process for emergency accommodation is now underway - which means we've got some phonebook size piles of paper to wade through!  

For all those who submitted can we just remind you to hold Saturday 17 September free in your diaries for technical meetings in case you are selected.  The selection meeting is Saturday 3 September - we will be in touch with everyone as soon as possible after that to let them know.