Emergency selection is now complete - artist list coming very soon.


Saturday 13 October   FREE

12-5pm BLANKSPACE & Castlefield Gallery

6-10pm Z-arts

So the reading and scoring, juggling and hair-tearing is done and dusted for another year and the full list of artists is just awaiting their confirmation.

Keep checking back here for a steady drip feed of titbits from Manchester's 13th marathon of the bizarre, the beautiful and the bold. Popping up in three venues - BLANKSPACE, Castlefield Gallery and Z-arts, this year's Emergency features nearly 40 free pieces of live work.

Expect daytime installations, interactions and intimate experiences at BLANKSPACE and Castlefield Gallery and an evening of sit-down performance at Z-arts:

Presented by Word of Warning, produced by hÅb with BLANKSPACE, Castlefield Gallery and Z-arts. Part of the Manchester arts and culture event, the Manchester Weekender

Emergency 13 October 2012, Manchester - Call for proposals - Deadline Tuesday 28 August.

Emergency 2012, Saturday 13 October 2012

Call for proposals - now closed

Terrifyingly It's that time again and no sooner has the sun set on Hazard than Emergency pops its head over the horizon!  We're losing count, but we think it's the 13th Manchester outing for this marathon of art and bizarreness - taking place as part of the Manchester Weekender on Saturday 13 October. The 13th Emergency on the 13th... are we tempting fate?

Now things are more settled, we've lost the 'accommodation' moniker - but have gained a venue or two! For the first time, we become a proper, multi-sited micro-festival - with three venues: two whole galleries and a theatre! All within walking distance, we're trying to coin a catchy name for the M15 triangle they cover but haven't come up with anything great yet!

Divided into a daytime of largely interaction, intervention, one on ones and durational performance; and an evening of more show-type work we are delighted to be in:

Daytime:  BLANKSPACE (M15 6AW) and Castlefield Gallery (M15 4GB)

Evening:  Z-arts (M15 5ZA)

Click here for map.

With a whole range of spaces to fill - and the journey between spaces to think about too - what we now need is a lots of great work! So...

Artists working in live art, contemporary performance, time-based media and interdisciplinary arts are invited to submit proposals of short pieces of work, works in progress or extracts of longer works for inclusion in this event. Proposals are also encouraged for durational, one to one and limited capacity work and performance installation and works which inhabit the journey between the spaces.

The event’s objectives are to be: 

  • a free public micro-festival;
  • an opportunity for artists to meet, show and peer review work;
  • a selection event for a number of small Works Ahead commissions to be developed & supported by hÅb;

Work can be in any relevant artform/medium, though some live presence is desirable. 

Spaces available comprise: 

  • Daytime – two gallery spaces and a series of unusual spaces best suited to intimate work.
  • Evening – a black-box theatre (220 capacity); a partially equipped studio (capacity 70) suitable for lecture-performance type work ; a café-bar with stage suitable for intervention and cabaret.

 (download Info Sheet below for details before proposing work)

Show-type work should be 20 minutes max in duration, low tech and suitable for quick turnarounds, self-supporting in terms of props/set/equipment and specialised technology.

Proposals are also strongly encouraged for durational, one to one and limited capacity work; performance installation and intervention-based works in and around the spaces and on the journey between BLANKSPACE and Castlefield Gallery

Emergency cannot pay fees or expenses (though we do feed you quite well!)

Final selection will be by a panel consisting of Tamsin Drury and John Franklin of hÅb, John Leyland of Blank Media Collective and Clarissa Corfe of Castlefield Gallery on the basis of suitability to the artistic parameters of hÅb/Blank Media Collective/Castlefield Gallery, and technical and logistical feasibility.

To apply:

  • Download the information below.
  • Complete the application form at http://lanb.it/b8ja 
  • Complete the monitoring form (please it helps us with reporting!) at http://lanb.it/Dg3n
  • IMPORTANT WHEN SUBMITTING FORMS PLEASE 'SHARE LOCATION' - there's a chance it will fail if you don't (especially in FireFox)
  • Additional inclusion of a video submission is strongly encouraged – please include a YouTube or Vimeo or similar link on your form.

Closing Deadline 28 August 2012, 5pm.

Please note, Emergency cannot offer fees or expenses.

Special Call: We are, additionally, looking for a durational piece, within fixed criteria, for the Main Exhibition Space at BLANKSPACE, for which there is a budget of £250.


Emergency 13 October 2012, Manchester - Special Call: BLANKSPACE Main Exhibition Space

In addition to the main call for proposals above, we are looking for one durational piece, working within specific criteria, to occupy the Main Exhibition Space, upstairs at BLANKSPACE. We realise that the criteria are a big challenge and there is therefore a budget of £250 available for this work.

This is a challenging space – as it is surrounded by alcoves, in which there will be small performances and interactions taking place, with no sound baffling.  

Sound sensitivity is therefore crucial.

The piece we are looking for must be:

  • Durational
  • For a group audience that can come and go 
  • Able to co-exist with other pieces – so neither loud, nor overly sensitive to external noise spill.

To apply:

  • Download the information below.
  • Complete the application form at http://lanb.it/5xVE
  • Complete the monitoring form (please it helps us with reporting!) at http://lanb.it/Dg3n
  • IMPORTANT WHEN SUBMITTING FORMS PLEASE 'SHARE LOCATION' - there's a chance it will fail if you don't (especially in FireFox)
  • Additional inclusion of a video submission is strongly encouraged – please include a YouTube or Vimeo or similar link on your form.

Closing Deadline 28 August 2012, 5pm.

For the main call for proposals click here


emergency accommodation - huge thanks to all: artists, staff + audience... first pics from day, here!

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who came along to support emergency accommodation on Saturday, on what must have been the hottest day of the year!  

And of course thanks and congratulations to all the artists without whom it would, literally, have been nothing... and all the staff who worked so hard to pull it off!

Huge mentions to: Blank Media Collective - Mark Devereux, John Leyland, Michael Thorpe, Simon Meredith, Gen.

Michael Anthony Barnes Wynters and Doodlebug (for the final)

and (deep breath)... John Franklin, Steve Curtis, Kamini Patel, Crofty, Kat Whitehurst, Clare Blabey, Helen Checkley, Niall Mills, Guy Hilton, Sam Punt, Conor Aylward, Hannah Woods, Jonjo Nally, Gill Knox, Lisa Williamson, Jane Bellamy, Claire, Rebecca Crompton...and big apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten...!!!

Following are the first wave of pictures from the day... we'll add some more and some video as time permits!

Please leave any feedback on the event or individual pieces as comments below or email them to emergency@habarts.org and I'll make sure they get to the appropriate people!

And a cheeky, heads-up... don't forget Zion 100's Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society this coming Sunday, and Up the Wall in Chester on 21+22 October (not that I'm biased about that one at all!) 


emergency accommodation - today - maps and directions...

For anyone puzzling over our locations: MAP

BLANKSPACE is on Hulme Street, M15 6AW

Far end of Hulme Street, by the roundabout at the top of Princess Parkway, facing the PremierInn. 

White, standalone, low rise building with green paint detailing and horizontal bars at windows.

To reach by car, access via Cambridge Street (from the other roundabout).  There is pay and display parking or off-street car-parking (£5 for the day)


IABF is on corner of Hulme Street and Cambridge Street - M1 5BY

We kick off at 12pm, ending around 9pm - FREE - some limited capacities, first come first served! 

Latest schedule here:


emergency accommodation... one day to go!

So, one day to go and get-ins are well underway!  Someone described BLANKSPACE as a 'maze of performance' yesterday which is quite fitting!

Weather willing (you never know - it might be sunny now but...) we're also planning a little finale, hosted by Doodlebug to which you are all invited to contribute.

For a bit more about the event, you can listen to my very rapid run-down on NoiseGeneration

Just to let you know, that while there is no catering at BLANKSPACE, the (very nice) IABF cafe is open all day.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

emergency accommodation - whose daft idea was this anyway?! Full programme here!

It's getting scarily close now and the attempt to shoehorn 30 pieces into a single day currently seem like one of my more over-ambitious efforts!  Hopefully the magic that is the former greenroom tech team will kick in and my lunacy won't seem so mad after all!

Following the full programme information - though, as ever, all still subject to change!